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Rates and Fees

To become a YMCA Member, just stop by the Member Service Desk and we’ll take care of everything.

The Y currently participates in the AETNA Better Health Plan and the SilverSneakers Fitness Program. Please check with your health plan provider or the Y to see if you qualify.

The Y offers Scholarship Membership assistance to those with financial need. Please ask for the Scholarship Application at the YMCA Member Service Desk.

Membership Category Direct Monthly Payment Activation Fee* Annual Payment
Youth (Through age 18) $14 $0 $168
Young Adult (Age 19-29) $25 $12 $300
Adult (Age 30-64) $37 $27 $444
Single Parent Family $42 $42 $504
Senior Adult (age 65 & up) / Veteran Adult  $31 $25 $372
Family (Up to 2 adults and children in household up to age 25) $53 $45 $636
Senior Couple (Age 65 and up w/o children) / Veteran Family   $43 $42 $516
Buddy-Up for Fitness Family (Up to 2 adults and children in household up to age 25) $42.40 $45 Bank Draft ONLY
Buddy-Up for Fitness Adult (Through Age 18) $29.60 $27 Bank Draft ONLY

Rates are subject to change. Rates are as of December 26, 2018. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Buddy-Up membership.


Quarterly payments are 3 times the monthly fee. Annual payments are 12 times the monthly fee. Annual and Quarterly payments may be made with cash, check, credit or debit cards. Monthly payments must be made through a Direct Monthly Bank Draft Payment.

*Activation Fee

A non-refundable Membership Activation Fee is collected at the time of membership start up. This fee is used to provide major repairs and equipment replacement. Memberships that have expired or have been canceled for more than 30 days are subject to repayment of the Activation Fee to renew the membership. Activation Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you pay your membership in full for a whole year, we’ll waive the activation fee.

Automatic Direct Monthly Payment

Direct Monthly Payment is an easy way to pay as you go. Upon joining, payment of the first month’s dues is required. With your authorization, an automatic monthly withdrawal will begin the following month of membership from either your checking or savings account. This is an ongoing deduction that remains in effect until canceled in person (signature required) at least 15 days prior to your draft date. To enroll in the Automatic Bank Draft Plan, please bring your checkbook to the YMCA front desk to complete the necessary forms. One month payment and the Activation Fee* must be paid in advance.

Guest Passes

All guests must register at the Member Service Desk upon entering the Oil City YMCA. Guest fees are: $5 Youth, $10 Adult, $15 Family plus a pass for the next visit. All adults must present a drivers license/photo i.d.

During our busy months of January, February and March, guest passes will not be available after 4 pm on Mondays and Thursdays. The Y will be reserved for YMCA Members only on those evenings.
Only six guest passes are permitted to be used in a calendar year.
Please CLICK HERE for the Aetna Better Health Program (formerly Coventry Cares).

Are you interested in becoming a member? Contact us to find out how you can join!


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